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MTX Connect

Corporate Mobile Data Connection Service

MTX Connect offers Mobile Data Connectivity as a Service to help Corporate Customers get customized solution for the staff, business applications and whatever needs to be connected across 80+ countries in the world.

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Standard triple cut SIM, eSIM, SIM chip are supported for any GSM enabled devices including:
  • smartphones
  • tablettes
  • portable WiFi routers
  • backup data connection GSM modules
  • any special equipment that operates GSM data connectivity...
Luxembourg ‘352’ and ITU ‘901’ International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) ranges are supported
Traffic classification, coverage and usage profile management
    per each SIM via API or integrated B2B SelfCare Portal
Optional legacy GSM Voice service with +352 country code at selected destinations
Customized SIM-to-Intranet IP routing and Interconnect setup including:
  • Internet bypass
  • Direct IP or port-to-port interconnect in major IX sites
Detailed usage statistics and reporting.
Post-paid flexible billing

Please contact us to get full information and your customized service details:

MTX Connect s.a.r.l. licensed by Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR) in Luxembourg with TADIG: MTX01 MCC/MNC: 270 02 and maintains GSMA Rapporteur membership since 2013.
Europe, Asia, Americas, CIS, Africa
and more*
We cover major countries seamlessly
*A full list of countries and regions is available on our interactive map.